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Hours: Monday - Tuesday 9am-5:30pm, Wednesday 9am-1:30pm, Thursday 10am-3pm, Friday 9am to 2pm and
by appointment only after hours and on Saturday. Closed Sunday.

Contact: Phone: (865) 685-0128. / Fax: (865) 685-0248

Address: 195 S. Tulane Ave. Oak Ridge, TN 37830
*Hours are subject to change without notice and information will be posted at the office.

Our Customer Promise and Mission:

Renew You Med Spa strives to encourage HEALTH & WELLNESS to all ages by offering a variety of skin care & weight loss options to best meet your needs. We pledge to be a huge supporting factor and to work with you through your journey while you aim to reach your health and beauty goals. Our staff wants to aid you during the experience to a renewed happiness and confidence as you take steps to "Renew You" and become the person you dream about. Having self-confidence and feeling beautiful is NOT about vanity; they are a basic part of psychological wellness, and, therefore, very beneficial to ones overall health.

The staff of Renew You Med Spa feels that it is necessary to begin teaching today's youth that preventive treatments and the daily use of SPF protection will benefit them in the fight against premature aging. It is easier to prevent than to try to reverse effects later in life. It is also our goal to help them combat the common teen skin issues and to aid in the return of their beautiful skin and their self-esteem.

Medical advances are resulting in a longer life span; preventive measures and early detection allow for more active and healthy lifestyles. HOWEVER, if the SKIN is not properly cared for and treated, it will wrinkle and age causing the face to look much older than we feel or act. This creates a desire to REVERSE the signs of aging and attempt to turn back the hands of time...which can be much more difficult. However, our Med Spa has numerous treatments (devised especially for you) to help RENEW your skin so it can begin to look as youthful as you feel. We do strive to teach preventive measures and proper skin care regimens so the skin can age as gracefully as you do!

Many people don't know where to begin when thinking about a skin care regimen. That's what we do! Trust in our expertise. We will discuss your concerns, perform a detailed and individualized assessment of your skin, and will then determine the most appropriate options for you. Soon you will see improvement in your skin tone, texture and color; Our clients are always amazed!

Already using a skin care product? Do you know if it has the necessary active ingredients to provide the results you desire? Does it penetrate into the deeper layers of skin where it is most effective? Combining regular skin care treatments with our professional and medical-grade products guarantees deep penetration into the skin for renewal of the damage from our environment and resulting in a fabulous "Renewed YOU."


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